alameda sunset

Sunset, SF Bay. Bayview Drive, Alameda. Photo by Nora.


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an unimpeachable bush

Anise plant on shoreline behind Bayview Drive, Alameda. Photo by Zoey.

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walkin’ podcasts

Usually, I listen to the sounds of the city as I make my way down the streets of Alameda. But sometimes I listen to podcasts on my iPod Mini. Most podcasts wear thin quite quickly. But the good ones are poving to be nice companion on my treks. I’ve been listening to:

Future Tense (that dude has the same name as me, and sounds just like me, too)

NPR – Sports with Frank Deford

NPR – Story of the Day

BBC: Mark Kermode’s Film Reviews

PBS: Shields and Brooks

Notice that they’re all pretty much from the mainstream media. I just don’t groove on the amateurish stuff.  Have a favorite podcast?  Write to me … jongordon at gmail dot com.

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Alameda doesn’t have much open space left, but the Alameda Beltline is an exception. I took this photo from the end of Wood St., through a chain link fence. The city is trying to get title to the land in a lawsuit. Sure would make a great park and highlight of a cross-Alameda trail.

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look out west alameda

My march through Alameda is making steady progress toward Webster and beyond…

Red lines are where I’ve walked. The dark blue lines are where I’ve walked but couldn’t find the red Sharpie.

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now that’s dense

Housing density in Alameda can get pretty intense. These separate dwellings (Central Ave. or Santa Clara Ave., can’t remember which) almost touch. Could be pretty cool if the residents know and like each other. Pass me the sports section, woodja?

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still walking…

Haven’t posted in a while (bumped up against some Flickr bandwidth limits, dammit) but I’m still walkin.   I’ve finished about half the main Island.  Won’t be long before I find myself on Alameda Point.   Stay tuned for more delicious Alameda photos…

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